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Phone Operating System Requirements

Select your device's operating system below to view the OS version requirements.

Supported on:
Supported on:

SpyStealth is compatible with all major smartphones and tablets runing on Android OS, and iOS. Here you will be able to find out whether your Phone is compatible with SpyStealth. The main compatibility factor when considering getting cell phone tracking app is the version of operating system. If you want to track an iOS device it should be jailbroken. And if you want to get all features from android device the phone has to be rooted.

Make sure that the phone or tablet you want to monitor runs on a compatible version of OS. If the device you want to monitor meets these requirements, you can monitor it with SpyStealth.

Compatible Carriers and Recommendations

Any carrier, whether it is domestic or international, is compatible as long as they offer unrestricted Internet Access. Your device must have an Internet connection either through your carrier or through Wi-Fi. Here are just a few compatible service carriers: